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In December 2002, I bought a Netgem i-Player to replace my ONdigital and ONnet boxes for email and instant access web on my TV, as well as recording digital TV. The i-Player enjoyed many years of upgrades and enhancements, but a few long standing bugs still remained when updates ended that fateful September 2005. The i-Player was a marvellous device with a fairly standard compilant HTML, CSS and JavaScript browser, with FTP file manager and POP3/SMTP email. Some of my i-Player (or netbox in France) experiments are on this mini site.

Some years ago, Digital Terrestrial Television HDTV experiments were held in Cardiff and London, the technology used seemed to be DVB-T and MPEG4. Nebula Electronics supplied PCI cards and USB adaptors capable of receiving the broadcasts. Here is some of the fallout from my research.

Here are some HTML, CSS and JavaScript experiments.

My wife's web site.

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